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What is sublimation?
Sublimation is proces to print on any surface coated with a polymer coating,or directly on polyester there are three important ingredients, 1. sublimation coating,2.sublimation ink,3. sublimation printed paper. an ordinary inkjet printer is converted to use sublimation inks.and the printer is used to print on sublimation paper, just as u print on ordinary paper, then the print is placed on polymer coated surface like, mug, metal,wood and fabrics, then you can fix the paper with a heat tape and apply heat up to 200 degrees for a dwell time of 40 secs and the print is done.

  • How much ink will a ciss contain ?
    An ordinary ciss contains 80ml of ink, the deluxe model will contain 200ml.
  • What is the difference between deluxe model and ordinary model ?
    A deluxe model is a special ciss with a 200ml ink tank , ink monitoring system, built in LCD screen, USB interface, attractive and stable design as it is 200 ml you need not refill very often.
    A regular ciss does not have all these features but the ink can be seen through the transparent bottles to see the ink and is very economical by at least 3 times.
  • What kind of transfer paper is used to print on light t shirt?
    If it is a cotton t-shirt , you need to print with a laser transfer paper, a laser transfer paper cannot be printed on a sublimation printer, but it has to be printed on color laser jet printer.
    If it is a polyester t- shirt then you can print with sublimation printer with a special sublimation coated transfer paper, a color laser paper is completely different from sublimation paper.
  • What kind of paper is used for printing on dark garments?
    If it is a dark or colored cotton garments, you need to use an opaque laser printable dark textile transfer paper.
    You cannot print sublimation on dark color garments.
  • Do we require an ICC profile?
    95% of all the print will normally match to the picture colours on the screen, if you need 100% you may require a Profile, We do not presently have a color profile for R270 or 230.
    For color laser printers you do not need any color profile as the printers are printed with the original inks.
  • Where are the machine made?
    All the machines are made in India Bangalore.

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