Screen Exposure System


  • World class india's first LED exposing machine.
  • Exposes screen with 80% less electric power consumption.
  • Automatic functions for vacuum and time controls.
  • More than 50% faster exposing time.
  • The life of the lamps are more than 8000 hrs
  • No frequent replacement of bulbs like in Metal halide machines.
  • Instant start no waiting time, means more screens exposed in a days shift.
  • The machine comes with a 1 full year warrantty for total peace of mind.
  • High Tempered clear glass
  • Easy pull down and up the blanket trough gas spring system.
  • High quality rubber blanket for perfect hugging of the screens.


Frame Size


M/C Dimensions



32" x 25"

5 Amps 230V AC

45"W 40"L 48"H

120 Kgs

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